Section: Educate

Kinder Edu.Cat ELYF Program

Incursion Overview

Learning Intentions: Students learn to identify the features of a cat and recognise objects that will meet the needs and wants of a pet cat.

Time: 30 minutes

Kinder program image of students learning

Introduction about Ten Lives and what we do, including types of cats, how many and who looks after them.

Features of a cat: Cat Puppet – Puppet is used as a prompt to ask students about cat features and how they use them.

Caring for needs: Sensory bag – Students use their senses to describe and identify objects hidden in a sack. Making connections with the needs and wants of a pet cat.

Explore and play floor activities:

Tactile mat: Students use their senses of touch and sight to engage with and explore different materials and textures. Making connections between the materials and the features of a real cat.

Hidden picture: Students identify, locate and match images of cat related items within a picture.

Pattern Block pictures: Students complete pictures of cats using pattern blocks by identifying and recognising shapes, colours and location.

Pattern blocks (School to provide)

Cat body part puzzle and storyboard: In groups, students complete a puzzle and then create a storyboard with images of items that cats need as identified from the sensory bag activity.

Red Cat body puzzle: Students complete a puzzle of a cat’s body. Each puzzle piece is a cat’s feature.

Resources provided – Teacher Guide linked to EYLF

Post Incursion Activity: Students create a sock puppet with their class.

Time required for post incursion activity: 30 minutes