Section: Educate


Q. How many classes can attend one 60-minute session?

We like to limit sessions to single classes for optimal learning opportunities.

We can deliver 3-4 classes per day, depending on your school’s timetable, allowing for sufficient time for setting up and packing up incursion activities.

Q. Do I need to prepare my class and classroom for a visit?

When multiples classes are booked, we encourage schools to select one classroom or common space for Edu.Cat facilitators to set up. This helps with smooth transitions between groups. A screen for playing material from a USB and a whiteboard is also required.

If you would like to engage in a related activity prior to our visit, you can refer to the Inquiry-based pre-assessment sheet included in the confirmation e-mail.

Q. Do cats come on school visits?

As part of the Edu.Cat program we have wonderful cat puppets for students to engage with, along with a range of fun and engaging cat-based activities.

We encourage, where possible, classes to visit Ten Lives after the completion of their STEM Challenge and take part in a tour behind the scenes. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to engage and interact with various cats and kittens in our care and to learn about the day to day activities of a cat shelter. School visits and tours are free as part of the Edu.Cat program.

On occasion we can organise kittens to attend Edu.Cat sessions, depending on availability. Options can be discussed further at the time of booking.

Q. How can your school help to make a difference for cats in our community?

You can help by:

  • Booking an Edu.Cat incursion for your classroom or school.
  • Showcasing students completed work and learning at assemblies and school community events.
  • Fundraising event – Hold a cupcake or free dress day to help raise funds for an animal shelter.
  • Spreading the word – Tell your colleagues, planning networks and friends about the Edu.Cat Program.
  • Providing feedback – Let us know what you think! Get in touch by completing the survey sent after our visit.
  • Share students work – We would love to see photos of students completing the Edu.Cat Challenges. Ten Lives will not use these photos for any purpose without written consent from the school.