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  • Gracie May

  • 1 year
  • Female
  • #17633
  • No Children
  • House Trained

Say hello to Gracie May! Gracie May is a gentle cat who is ready for her forever home after doing a wonderful job raising her babies in foster care. Gracie May is a quiet little lady who takes a while to warm up to you, but once she does, she'll reward you with lots of love! Because Gracie May takes a while to come out of her shell, we would recommend that she goes to a quiet home with older people who respect her boundaries and let her come to you. In foster care, she has been around older teenagers, but she hasn't ever been around younger children. She likes to groom her humans and loves chin scritches. Miss Gracie May will tolerate being picked up once trust is established, and may even learn to love it. If you don't mind cats in the bed, then you will find that eventually she will enjoy a snuggle next to you during the night. She is an absolute delight. We're not sure how Gracie May would do with other animals, so we would recommend that she goes to a home where she is the only animal and can receive all the love she so rightly deserves! Gracie May is microchipped and desexed, and she's up to date with all her vaccinations, flea, and worm treatments.

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