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  • Bonnie

  • 1 year
  • Female
  • #17556
  • Special Needs
  • House Trained
  • OK with Cats

Say hello to Bonnie! πŸ‘’ Bonnie is a sweet 1 old girl who may take a little while to get to know you, but has a wonderfully, vibrant personality once she's settled in. She's best suited to a quieter home where she can relax and allow her sweet personality to shine. She loves a good pat and is very playful and energetic when it's time to romp! She also has a lovely little meow and is very loving.πŸ’– In foster, Bonnie did well with other cats, so with a slow introduction, she would be okay with another cat companion. 😻 Bonnie drinks a lot of water & urinates more than a usual cat. We have performed blood tests, urine analysis & an ultrasound of her abdomen and kidneys to rule out the usual causes of increased drinking and urination. It is possible there is an underlying cause that we haven't been able to diagnose. Bonnie behaves like a normal, healthy, friendly and affectionate cat and this issue does not seem to affect her demeanor. When Bonnie gets adopted we will give the new owners a copy of her medical history, including the laboratory results and ultrasound report. We would also like to see Bonnie back at Ten Lives between 3 and 6 months following adoption so we can repeat these tests! Bonnie is de-sexed, microchipped and toilet trained. Vaccinations, flea and worm treatment are up to date.

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