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Meet the handsome Archibald! Archibald is a very friendly gentleman who likes to be by your side receiving lots of pats. He's an outgoing and playful boy that would appreciate some dedicated playtime every day. He's a very quiet boy and doesn't demand things from you, he is happy to nap during the day and just be around you or be home alone if you work as long as you make time for him during the evening! He takes his time to get to know you as he wants to make sure you're his forever home, so if you sit and are patient he'll be more than happy to come and greet you. Archibald came in to us as a stray so unfortunately we're not sure how he would get along with other animals or younger children. If you do have them at home, we recommend a very slow introduction and that being a stray he may have learnt to be territorial and not get along with other cats. Archibald has 'stud tail'. Stud tail is when the hair follicles produce excessive sebaceous material which results in a greasy patch. This may be resolved now that he is desexed. It currently doesn't cause him any problems. It can be cleaned with 'cat safe' shampoo. Like all cats and kittens at Ten Lives, Archibald is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, worm and flea treatments.

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