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  • Aj

  • 1 year
  • Male
  • #17023
  • House Trained
  • OK with Dogs

Say meow to the handsome AJ! AJ is bonded with his sister, Tigerlily, and they will need to go to a home together. They have been together since they were little kittens and can't stand to be apart. AJ is the smoocher out of the two, and given the chance will break some boundaries and suck on your skin! He loves to lick people to show his affection and will sleep under the blanket with you. AJ will sometimes go into rubbish bin if given the chance so needs to not have access to the bin. In their previous home, AJ and Tigerlily coexisted with a bigger dog and with a slow introduction should be ok with a cat friendly dog at home. They have not been around other cats other than each other, and we're not sure how they'd go with another. AJ and Tigerlily have both been around children of the age 5+ and enjoy the company, but do need children that respect their boundaries. We would recommend to have an enclosure or start harness training to experience outdoor life in a safe way and increase their happiness and mental stimulation. Like all cats and kittens at Ten Lives, AJ has been desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms.

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